About us

Our history

Incorporated in 1996, our current customers expands from Aged Care to luxury retail stores in Collins Street, Petrol refineries and Management of Residential. Commercial buildings & Shopping centres in Australia. High standards, neatness and cleanliness are exceedingly important to all customers.

Mr Victor da Silva

Founder and Director. Born in Paris, France. Founded on principles of quality, relationship and continuous improvement. With a clear focus on market needs, Victor continues to grow the services provided by Frogs on the run, extended the company's services Australia wide.


Our mission

  • High-quality service

    Employees accept the responsibilities of their job and deliver high quality services. We have an "employee code of conduct" guidelines.

  • Happy customers

    Extensive network within the cleaning specialisation and engages and manages these relationships to fulfil all unique customer cleaning needs as requested.

  • Effective teamwork

    All personnel are trained on all cleaning processes. Our focus is to ensure a good knowledge on how our equipment works and the correct usage and storage of our products.

  • Reports

    Customer feedback and supervisor monthly site visits to assess the skills and knowledge application of our personnel and where required, encourage training (or re-training).